Construction Tools

We offer the most high tech up-to-date construction tools that are durable that were made to last.
Construction Products

Industrial Tools

We offers an extensive line of hard-working, long-lasting industrial strength pneumatic tools and fasteners.
Industrial Products


With our tools and experts, we have built luxurious residential buildings and villa homes.
Our Projects

We are Industrial Equipment Supplier - Leading provider for constructions and industrial tools.

Since 1979, Yassin Bakhit International for Trading and Contracting Establishment was opened and has been selling hand tools, pneumatic nailers and staplers for the construction industry. Being part of a global network of construction resources and expertise, we were the first company to ever to introduce pneumatic tools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company has managed to earn recognition and establishing staples and coil nails STATRO® for pneumatic staplers and nailers. With our tools and experts, we recently began constructing for residential buildings projects and luxurious villa homes.

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Our website has been updated

Our website has been updated

Welcome to our brand new website, we polished some pages and removed some bugs that might have caused slow performance and made it more appealing for mobile use, soon we will be adding our products and services in our online shopping page. Thank you for your patience, Yassin Bakhit
Online shopping will soon be available

Online shopping will soon be available

Thank you for visiting our website, our online store is currently unavailable, we are currently building our online store, in the mean time, please shop at one of our local stores or visit our products in the store menu section. Yassin Bakhit

Our Promise and Values

We aim to satisfy our valued customers through selling the best and most up-to-date and high-tech products in industrial, constructional and manufacturing tools and continue the support and supplies to our clients.


Yassin Bakhit